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Brandon Salo has worked in voice over since 2015. He has also worked around the world as a teacher, performer, and project manager in IT. After travelling the world to nearly 30 countries, and having lived abroad for the greater part of the last 15 years, Brandon has fallen in love with voice acting. He’s recorded in studios in several countries, and holds a sincere passion for the craft and the art. As a voice artist, he takes pride in making sure that each client is left happy and surprised. In fact, every studio he has worked as a voice actor in has called him back for more.

He specializes in authentic, believable, conversational friendly, genuine, and professional voice overs.

Brandon has a neutral American accent that’s conversational, believable, friendly, sincere, genuine, upbeat, energetic, corporate, gritty, deep, informative, authoritative, and professional voiceover. He has also done cartoons and played characters with very animated personalities.

On top of that, he is also versatile. He takes great consideration when listening to the clients needs, and never has any problems with giving a few more takes, simply to ensure that the client gets what they need in their voice recording.


Trusted in voice over recordings for Coca-ColaStarbucks, Amazon Prime

Brandon has performed his voice over skills in several studios across Madrid, Spain. He has worked as a voice actor on projects for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Amazon, Telepizza, Purina, various video games, animations and for film.  Since January of 2021 he has shifted his part time work away from project management in the IT sector, in order to focus the bulk of his attention on doing voice overs remotely from his home studio.

His promise to you:

  • He will thoroughly study & apply all instructions for the voice over.
  • Read and analyze your script to best determine the most appropriate voice.
  • Edit, master, and format all work to a professional standard.

Please Note:

  • All projects 1,000 words or less delivered in 48 hours.
  • One FREE revision with each order.
  • Brandon is a full-time VO, available all day every day.

Brandon is available to record your professional voice over any time.

As an independent contractor and somewhat of a digital nomad, taking orders on the weekend, early morning or late at night are all commonplace. No matter the situation, orders are on time. He’s never missed a deadline.

More about Brandon Salo and Voice Acting

Brandon has a degree in Music and Sociology. He has worked in voice over for just under a decade. He has also worked around the world as a teacher, vocal artist and pianist, as well as a project manager in IT. At the beginning of 2021 he published his first book, which is a memoir of his time spent in a religious cult during his childhood. As an artist, Brandon eventually found his niche in voice acting. After learning how to channel energy and feeling through jazz improvisation, he has learned how to transmit a wide range of emotion in his voice, resulting in a message that penetrates.

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