Vocal Training for Individuals and Groups

Getting started with voice acting and voice recording has many ins and outs. There’s choosing your software, hardware, microphone, sound card and sound booth. Brandon has worked with a variety of industry standard equipment, and has even constructed various sound booths.

Setting technical aspects aside, there’s a completely different sphere when it comes to prepping one’s body physically and psychologically for recording. Whether it’s recording an audiobook, advertisement, or cartoon; every scenario has its specific requirements.

Vocal Coaching by Brandon includes:

  • Vocal warmups
  • Annunciation exercises
  • Proper posture and breathing techniques
  • Connecting with your content
  • Maintaining consistency
  • Strategies to find your agent

Voice Actor Consulting

Brandon has coached employees at various companies around the globe for in-house recording projects. In these scenarios, companies often require the training listed above with technical assistance. In this case, Brandon offers the services listed above with the following services:

  • Vocal Booth Assessment and Setup
  • Software and Hardware Installation and Training
  • Microphone setup and usage
  • Standard Protocol for data retention and security

Free Consultation Prior to Engagement

Brandon offers a free 1 hour consultation to assess client needs and expectations, and then drafts a plan of action based on the assessment. All consulting and teaching activities are at a standard rate of 100€ per hour, and includes support via email correspondence.