What will you get from a 12-hour course?

  • An opportunity to practice speaking in a controlled environment with other learners like you.
  • Writing feedback and corrections on any type of documents that you need help with.
  • Grammar exercises that strengthen your weaknesses.
  • You will learn a number of ways to practice and teach yourself English.

Contact me through E-mail or Skype before making any payments.

Private classes focus specifically on the students needs. Improve your English for work, prepare for a fluency examination or get help with translating your documents. I can help you with everything from giving your favourite dinner recipe over the phone to helping you give flawless presentations at work.

1 hour private lesson:

30 minute private lesson:

Group classes are formed scheduled on the basis of student need. Once 4 students are enrolled, the class will be organized to fit everyone’s schedule. There will be two 1.5 hour classes per week. If there is a holiday that 50% of the students recognize, the class will be rescheduled based on the groups availability. Group sizes are between four and six students and held over video conference. Students are allowed to have more than themselves learning from the, although questions must be balanced throughout the group so that there is no interference with the learning process.

12 Hour Group Class

24 Hour Group Class
36 Hour Group Class